How long do they last?

Our BABs are made out of 100% latex and naturally shrink over night. We recommend getting your confetti BABs delivered the day of your event to prevent any premature casualties and uh-ohs. If you are ordered custom vinyl, this looks best the day of your event because it will wrinkle as the BAB shrinks.

BABs generally stay afloat up to 48 hours, but cannot be guaranteed as it depends on how they are stored (temperature and humidity) and how much weight is hung from them. Non-confetti BABs can last over a week with a special solution per your request! This solution cannot be used with confetti BABs because it will ruin the confetti.

We cannot guarantee your BABs will last after our team leaves the venue…We ask that if you must move the balloons, follow your standard balloon protocols – stay away from all sharp, hot things and little people haha! But really, you never know what‘s sticking out of a nice, clean wall so try not to let them bounce off of anything especially brick, wood, hot cars, trees, grass, etc.

Big Ass Balloons will replace any BABs that we pop, but is not responsible for any balloons you pop or let go.

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