Answers to the most common questions about Big Ass Balloons are below. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please fill out the contact form and we will reply to you as soon as possible.



How well do BABs do outdoors?

Most of our products don’t experience problems but we want to make sure we inform you how to best maintain your BABs item outdoors, as heat, direct sunlight and wind are not ideal!

Direct Sunlight/Heat: We recommend placing the BABs item in shaded areas, as direct sunlight for short periods of time can cause BABs to expand beyond their limits and pop. We don’t recommend they stay outside in direct sunlight for more than 30 minutes if the weather is over 80 degrees or with no cloud coverage. If you have confetti in your garland those can turn cloudy if left outside thanks to humidity and science. Darker colors soak up the heat more so if you want your garland to go outside, consider lighter colors.

Wind: Our BAB weights are not made to withstand medium to strong winds. If left unattended, the BABs can potentially fall off tables or structures they are placed on if not tied down to a permanent object. We will take precaution by double tying our weights but recommend you have additional weigh-down options on hand. We’ve seen customer use pails with sand, bricks, sandbags, etc. to prevent mid-party mishaps. If your party is in a grassy area with soft enough ground, we can provide you with one stake per BAB if you would like, just let us know. For garlands, we will take precaution by attaching your garland in as many spots as possible but strong guts of wind can shift the garland during your event. If installed near gardens, light fixtures, brick walls, wooden structures, etc. parts of the garland could bump against them from a strong breeze and cause some of the BABs to pop.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be unable to provide any refunds if any balloons pop after we deliver them safely to your event.

Which tassel length should I order?

Regardless of tassel length, all of our BABs stand approximately 8-feet tall (5-foot ribbon + BAB). Please see diagram to see what works for you! Also note that the ribbon can be shortened for table toppers.


I would like to order a gender reveal BAB but do not want to know the baby’s gender.

Your doctor’s office can email or call us at 713-899-9868 with your results.

How long do they last?

Our BABs are made out of 100% latex and naturally shrink over night. We recommend getting your confetti BABs delivered the day of your event to prevent any premature casualties and uh-ohs. If you are ordered custom vinyl, this looks best the day of your event because it will wrinkle as the BAB shrinks.

BABs generally stay afloat up to 48 hours, but cannot be guaranteed as it depends on how they are stored (temperature and humidity) and how much weight is hung from them. Non-confetti BABs can last over a week with a special solution per your request! This solution cannot be used with confetti BABs because it will ruin the confetti.

We cannot guarantee your BABs will last after our team leaves the venue…We ask that if you must move the balloons, follow your standard balloon protocols – stay away from all sharp, hot things and little people haha! But really, you never know what‘s sticking out of a nice, clean wall so try not to let them bounce off of anything especially brick, wood, hot cars, trees, grass, etc.

Big Ass Balloons will replace any BABs that we pop, but is not responsible for any balloons you pop or let go.

What kinds of balloons do you use?

The highest quality biodegradable latex and mylar “foil” balloons.

Can I pick up my order?

Sorry, we do not have a storefront 🙁

Refund Policy

Please let us know as soon as possible if you plan on canceling or changing your order. Chances are that things will work out, but we just need enough notice.

Full Refund
A full refund to the original form of payment can be issued if orders are cancel at least 4-days prior to your scheduled delivery date.

Partial Refund
If you are canceling within 1-3 days of your scheduled delivery date, you will receive the full delivery fee and 80% of the items’ purchase price to the original form of payment.

How soon should I place an order?

We suggest letting us know as soon as possible, no matter how far in advance, to make sure you get a date and time reserved. If you have a last minute request within the same week of your party, we still may be able to accommodate you! Send us an email with your party details and we will let you know our availability.

For gender reveal BABs, we can take your order now and accept the gender results 24 hours prior to delivery.



Are there going to be instructions?

Yes, your package will include detailed instructions on how to inflate and assemble your BAB.

*Shipped orders with custom lettering is done after inflation. Here is a video of what to expect

We recommend lowering the BAB to eye-level and place the middle line on first.

When will my BABs arrive?

Production begins 3 days after your order is place and you will receive your order 7 to 10 business days following that. However, expedited shipping is available, so don’t hesitate to send in a last minute request!

How do I get my BABs inflated?

Most local party stores and the floral department in grocery stores have helium. Make sure you have space in your car for these! We can typically fit two in the back seats of a large sedan and three in the back of a SUV. We DO NOT recommend BABs sit in the passengers seat!



Do you deliver to my area?

Our normal delivery range is within 20 miles of 77007 (Houston), 75093 (Dallas) and 30030 (Atlanta). However, we can accommodate parties that are further away for a small fee. If the venue is further than 25 miles, there will be an additional charge of $5 for every additional 10 miles.

How does delivery work?

Let us know the day, time and address of your event and we will bring the BABs to you! If it is not a surprise gift, we inflate on-site when there are more than three BABs within the timeframe agreed upon*. All we need is an outlet and some space to work!

*depending on the complexity of your order, installations can range from 30 minutes to 3+ hours, so plan accordingly.