Big Ass Balloons (BABs) pricing ranges on the length of tassels, confetti, and accessories you would like. Below is our detailed pricing list if you have an idea of what you want. If you don’t, we can help come up with an arrangement for you. Send us an email if you have questions at
***Please note that we have increased helium inflation fees and are limiting events to a maximum of 5 helium filled BABs due to the global helium shortage 🙁 This number is subject to change at any moment.
Price Per BAB (36”) with Helium, Ribbon & Weight
$25 – without tassels
$35 – 2 foot tassels
$40 – 3 foot tassels
$45 – 4 foot tassels
$50 – 5 foot tassels
$55+ for custom lengths over 5 feet long
$15 – 34” letter mylar balloon (gold, silver, rose gold, hot pink and blue)
$15 – 34” number mylar balloon (gold, silver, rose gold, black, hot pink and blue)
***deflated balloons being shipped are reduced by $5-10 in each category above
Customizable Extras
$7 – confetti per BAB
$12 to $20 – lettering/vinyl printing
$8 to $12 – accessories to hang: custom signs, large letters/numbers and shapes. Price dependent on number of characters.
$3 – 14” letter/number air-fill only mylar balloon (gold, silver, rose gold, hot pink, light pink, light blue and purple)
Local Delivery Fees 
$20 (1-3 BABs)
$30 (4-7 BABs) *you can order a maximum of 5 helium filled BABs as of June 15, 2019 (in Houston)
$40 (8-11 BABs) 
$50+ (12+ BABs)
***Inflated BABs are ONLY available for delivery in the Greater Houston area, Dallas and Atlanta. If delivery address is further than 20 miles of 77007 (Houston), 75093 (Dallas), or 30030 (Atlanta) there will be an additional charge of $5 for every additional 10 miles – pending availability.
Shipping Fees (deflated BABs only because Mary Poppins is outta commission)
1 BAB – $7.05
2-4 BABs – $12.85
5-8 BABs – $17.65
Organic Garlands (Houston, Dallas and Atlanta delivery only)
Prices are based on the length, thickness and colors (matte vs metallic)
6-foot garland starting at $100
$20 delivery fee
10-foot garland starting at $150
$30 delivery fee
12+-foot garland starting at $180
$40+ delivery fee
A lot of our customers have special requests (tassel colors, accessories, vinyl printing/lettering, etc.) so let us know if you have something in mind. Once we get all the details, we will invoice directly and book your event in our calendar. Payments can be made via credit/debit card or PayPal. We look forward to working with you!