How well do BABs do outdoors?

Most of our BABs don’t experience problems, but we want to make sure we inform you how to best maintain your BABs outdoors.

Direct Sunlight/Heat: We recommend placing the BABs in shaded areas, away from trees, as direct sunlight for short periods of time can cause BABs to pop. We don’t recommend they stay outside in direct sunlight for more than 30 minutes if the weather is over 80 degrees or with no cloud coverage.

Wind: Our weights are not made to withstand medium to strong winds. If left unattended, the BABs can potentially fall off tables or structures they are placed on if not tied down to a permanent object. We will take precaution by double tying our weights but recommend you have additional weigh-down options on hand. We’ve seen parents use pails with sand, bricks, sandbags, etc. to prevent mid-party mishaps. If your party is in a grassy area with soft enough ground, we can provide you with one stake per BAB if you’d like, just let us know.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be unable to provide any refunds if any balloons pop after we deliver them safely to your event.

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